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Your followers are valuable!
Monetize your influence!

Your followers are valuable

Monetize your influence

We help in the payment process!

Introduce yourself to brands

Receive offers from the brands and YOU decide which you want to work with

Virtual Agent

We make things simple! We handle paperwork, campaign logistics and payment processes!

Earn money

You receive the payment you request once the work is completed

Manage your success

Analyze the impact of your campaigns to improve, grow and generate more!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does Orishinal pay?2018-09-27T18:31:52+00:00

Orishinal can pay by check, paypal or direct transfer to a bank account. We assist you legally and administratively if you need help getting your check and receiving the corresponding payments

How long does it take to receive the first pay check?2018-09-27T18:27:43+00:00

The campaigns you do with us are generally paid 30 days after posting

Can Orishinal produce my Web Series?2018-09-27T17:47:20+00:00

Orishinal develops its own series, contents and events in which it can offer a participation, collaboration or association. In general, it does not receive external pitches from talent unless specifically required

How much will I earn with Orishinal?2018-09-27T17:44:29+00:00

Each situation is different and it is determined individually. In general, the Orishinal sales team will help you maximize the potential of your networks and the team of community managers will maximize your audience

After joining Orishinal can I still follow my channel’s analytical information, such as income and others?2018-09-27T17:42:46+00:00

Yes, it is absolutely transparent, you will have the same access as always to all information. Moreover, with our tools you can see much more detailed and accurate information about the performance of your social networks.

Will Orishinal control the activity on youtube?2018-09-27T17:40:36+00:00

No. You always have total control over you networks.

After moving to Orishinal who controls the Updates, the content of the uploads and the Layout on my channel2018-09-27T17:36:44+00:00

You control all aspects of your channel. Orishinal has resources available that you can choose to use or not. For example, a free music library.

If I join Orishinal, what will happen and what can I do?2018-09-27T17:38:47+00:00

You will always have the complete creative control of your social networks. Orishinal can help in development or in other creative aspects, but we do not believe in limiting the creative freedom of our community. “Be yourself”, the authenticity and being yourself is the path that we know will give you the greatest possibilities of growth as a creator.

How can I be a part of Orishinal?2018-09-27T16:38:07+00:00

The first step is to contact us through the web. Then someone from our digital staff will contact you to help you sign up on our platform. Once you are logged in, you will begin to receive work proposals

What is Orishinal?2018-09-27T16:36:45+00:00

Orishinal is a multiplatform production company that understands and dynamizes the content creators of the web and increases the careers and communication levels of the influencers of the different social networks. We bring creators closer to brands, and we help these brands get closer to web audiences. What we offer our associate talents can include, product development, production, promotion, distribution of content in other media, a sales team, access to free music and merchandising development of some products.

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